About Author

Some facts about me.


  • My name is Alexander Holbreich.
  • I'm MSc (=Diplom Wirtschaftsinformatiker) in Business Information Systems or BI .
  • I was born in1980 in Kazan city and a lived there till i get 15 years old (Of course you know where Kazan City is).
  • Since 1995 I do live in Hamburg.


  • I worked and I was consultant in big companies. Also I worked and was consultant in medium sized companies. Currently I work in a small one.
  • I was Software Engineer, I was Engineer and hat Job title "Cunsultant", Some days I was real consultant too but now i'm DevOps and i like it.
  • I was Co-Founder and Co-Manager of one Online-Shop Start Up. I've enjoyed it but we where jung and we underestimated a lot of things that happen i live and business.
  • I saw Big organizations, several levels of hierarchy, a saw very rigid management. I worked in waterfall model, I worked in big chaos, and I tried to work agile in traditional organization. I even participated in the establishment of the agile enclave in traditional organized companies twice. Now I work in the company with nearly no hierarchy. Also I work agile and I like it.

You can find my complete business profile on XING or LinkedIn.