Bea Server Tools for Eclipse 3.3!

Now it's out, the new BEA WebLogic Server Tools! Great news for developers who are working with eclipse and bea servers. Bea Web Logic Server tools enables native support of latest versions of bea servers (10.0, 9.x and 8.1) in eclipse installation. One of the features it enables, is debugging of server-side applications running on BEA. Of course it was possible to debug on Bea also without that Plug-in, but WebLogic Server Tools makes it more comfortably. Further, Server Tools includes mechanisms for using WebLogic J2EE libraries from eclipse projects.

How to install? Bea do not provides an updatesite at the moment, so that you have to download and unpack that plugin manualy.

And of course BEA WebLogic Server Tools are available free of charge to all licensed WebLogic Server users.