Business informatics (BI)

For a few month i already wrote about Wirtschaftsinformatik by calling it "business information technology". Now i realized that German discipline "Wirtschaftsinformatik" is meanwhile established as Business Informatics in central Europe, and that is, the right international name for the discipline i've studied. I think the concepts of this discipline are better presented by the name of Business Informatics, rather than by strange translation for US as Business Information Systems or Russian Business or Economical Cybernetic. That are in effect different programs.

All such disciplines and sciences integrates business administration concepts and computer science technology into one field somehow. But only Business Informatics ("Wirtschaftinformatik") has as goal to achieve synergistic effects from truly integration of that different fields. This is of course IMHO what a gained after comparative of several description of different disciplines. Business Informatics is more solution oriented for a business problems than theoretical approach in Business Administration or Computer Science or some combinations of them.

Main topics of Business Informatics are Business Process, SOA, IEA, Information Systems, Specialised IS like Decision Support Systems, Enterprise Content Management, Data Mining, PPS, Collaboration systems, Operation Research and Simulation and many more ...