Curiosity: How IDE features affects design quality

Don't believe that? Than listen to the story...

Occupational i deal with people who works with already aged version WSAD1. I think they use version 5 which is based on eclipse platform in version 2.0 or 2.1 where code folding was not supported.

Code folding feature of eclipse based IDE's allows you to clap uninteresting code fragments like methods constructors or imports out from your scope just in place.

So one of developers was just dropping all of his classes in just one package, doing it contrary to the structure of the other part of the project. He argued that doing so, he has only one import statement in his classes for all classes from his "containing all" package. So that allowed him reduce the need of scrolling beneath import statements if he opened new java class in his ide...

God bless code-folding feature! Curtain ;)

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