Docker on the Google Computer Engine

This is brief description of docker test on Google compute engine
At First we need gcloud Tools. You can use them as docker container or by installing them on your machine.

#install google cloud sdk
$curl | bash

At this point you should have google account, google compute engine account  with at least one project inside. You need a project ID to log in into it.

Now you are able to login and to create first VM instance in this project.

$gcloud auth login
# follow command line instructions.
$gcutil addinstance docker-playground --image=backports-debian-7
#This creates and starts first VM names docker-playground.

When instance is created wait a second and you will be able to login per SSH. Use instance name chosen above.

$gcutil ssh docker-playground

Then install docker by download and run.

$curl | bash  # install docker
$sudo update-rc.d docker defaults  # configure docker

Then add your current user to group docker to be able to use all docker functions as "current user".

$sudo usermod -aG docker `whoami`

Restart docker service.

$sudo service docker restart

Also learned...

  • Don't kill instances with "init 0" and so. It could be impossible to start them again.
  • Use snapshots. You can raise new instances from every snapshot.

I got test amount of 1000$ for google compute engine and therefore will do further experiments with that platform and docker.