Eclipse Ganymede and WSCompile incompatibility?

I found strange problem with WSCompile-1.6 task in Ganymede release of Eclipse (Version 3.4.1). The problem lies in WSCompile-Ant-Task. Build-script execution freezes on the wscompile task. I describe that problem more detailed on

Please feel free to comment here or there if you know what died changed in Ganymede in ant scripts handling since Europe release and how to fix it.

UPD. Solution!

The problem seems not to do anything with eclipse (logical) but it depends on used ant version. Some version are not good for wscompile.
In my case ant version 1.6.5 and 1.7.1 where not good for wscompile task.
In ant 1.7.0 wscompile tasks works as usual.
May this help somebody! ;)