Good PHP online shop for money

It is nearly impossible to compare the advantages and disadvantages of online shop systems because that are complex systems with variety of functions, that build for different needs. An i'm talking about such system for small and micro businesses, where processes can be build around the functionality of such systems to some degree..

So this post can be only my personal impression of system that i compared so far.

I've been searching for online shop system for relative small company, with relative few products in one branch with moderate product diversification. So far important for me are following requirenments


  • good looking out of the box and easy to adopt
  • price policy function
  • html capable product descriptions
  • good support of product variants
  • good support of payment methods
  • All kind of Statistic
  • All of that out of the box if possible, just to be able to start.

My favorites so far is: OXID eCommerce platform.

The shop at his self looks fine and also admin site is good structured. Finally it provides the basic functionality comparable to osCommerce and some nice additional features for discount and price policy what i like. Also it has nice template and template configuration out of the box.