Upgrading to Livefyre 3.52

In my last post i've introduced new comment system Wordpress Plugin from Livefyre. Now here is the latest version of it. The latest version seems to bring all the features i mentioned there.


Livefyre WP Plugin v3.17

to Livefyre WP Plugin v3.52 (Can be dowloaded here.)

Now many of new features have to be enabled. Please feel free to test it.



  • I like new buttons
  • I like rich editing.
  • I like additional linkedIn integration
  • I do like automatical picture rendering from flickr.
  • I like new drop down menu with: "Edit profil, Admin.., logout"


  • I dislike that now is taken longer to be rendered for the first time.
  • I dislike how ugly it rendered without java script.
  • Typing @ is not working anymore!!
  • @ sign do not show twitter contacts. :(
  • "-Unfollow" simply do not work.

Unfortunatelly 3.52 seems not to be production ready now :( Just to many bugs.

Update 2015: Don't use Livefyre anymore.