Socialomania, Socialolism and Causes

This is just cool! My notice on new Internet addiction - socialolism has become some popularity in Russian Internet but with different name. They call it Socialomania (социаломания). This sound also not bad, and is accepted as an official synonym for Socialolism :)

I red some comments on Socialomania and must say that didn't expect that, so many people do agree with me in the point that some kind of addiction exist with that all web 2.0 stuff and said that they have at least some of the defined symptoms. Thought Socialolism article had also site, do not take is for ultimate truth. ;)

Success of Social-networks

Addicted or not why do we spend so much time in social networks? I think modern people have not much time at all. No time for family, no time for friends (which is not so good). This lies almost in the fact that doing something with people directly require synchronization of all participants - an we all do not have time... ;)
Social networking allows you to stay in touch asynchronously, it allows you to do your "social thing" when you have time. But as we see this happens often, its time when you have to do other things and work, in effect we the social doing over internet may degrade to socialolism or socialomania or whatever you call it.