I discovered new disease... No, no disease is very strong word... Say, i discovered some kind of addiction and that for sure. I named it Socialolism.

Socialolism Definition

Socialolism is a strong addiction to Internet applications of social nature. Malignant versions of Socialolism arise just in that times when the affected person has many boring things to do (e.g. Work), even when that things are important.

Common Symptoms

There are some common Symptoms of Socialolism, knowing them will help you to identify the problem.

  • Strong desire to open browser and check messages in some Social Network during a small pause in Work (e.g. build or deployment process).
  • Lingering and strong desire to open own blog or site and look for new comments.
    • Worst: Desire is still there when there are no new comments
    • Worstiest: Desire is still there, even there are newer been some comment on this site before.
  • Watching Youtube videos, that are related to video you actually receives form your colleague.
  • Composing new blog post (scandal! even during work time).
  • Updating your profile in Social-Network-Site instead of doing important homework.
  • Opening browser (for very very last time) just before start of durable and boring business.
  • Reading Wikipedia more than intentionally wanted.
  • More than once a day check of visitor statistic on own sites.
  • ... you got the idea..

Known places of danger on the Internet

Every addiction has some objects that povoke concerned people. The places where socialolists (people afflicted with socialolism) try to satisfy their addiction are well known. That are blogs (especially own ), Forums, Classmate and Co-Worker networks, Youtube like sites and the whole palette of web2.0 sites like..

Demarcation of Concepts

Socialolism is not so bad like internetmania which is considered as disease. No, it rather bad consuetude or addiction. It should also not be mistaken for egosurfing, wikipediholism or even photo-lurking. Sure this can have relation, but these sings are real strange. Against them socialism should know nearly every modern Internet user i think. The statistic to this bases of cause on my personal notice :).

Nevertheless Socialolism must be very close to problems with the work you do, idleness, Aimlessness, Silly not relewant task, to hard, to complex or unexplored task on your todo list... and maybe that's the point! ;)

How to cure

I'm not sure. Don't connect to Internet? Sure this helps, but it is not pro rata. Just try to do such thing that are more interesting than Social sites. It's often impossible. Give yourself more motivation it work you do! Hope to provide you some exercises against socialolism in the future ;)

P.S. Please notice that this article includes irony.