Storm Landing in Hamburg

We had extremely stormy weather here in North-Germany last weekend, which was caused by the Emma cyclone. The Emma Storm brakes some trees and roofs and flooded parts of Hamburg and one huge floating pier goes ashore.

But what happens that time in the Air? For example at Sunday there was extreme landing of aircraft (A-320) by having strongest side wind. As we see on the video belov, aircrafts can very quick get out of control by such extreme crosswinds, especially if wind changes abrupt.

Some amateurs catches such very difficult landing attempt of an Airbus 320 in Hamburg Airport on film.


Nobody was injured. Experts consider pilot failure as possible cause, internal investigation has begun. The young copilot lady (24) was at the rudder at the landing attempt and the Captain (39) could pulled the aircraft up in the last moment. Then he land successful on the other race board of Hamburg airport.

So I heard on some local radio.