Get JIRA for 10$ only

Probably most of modern IT related people know Atlassian JIRA - issue and project tracking system. Maybe many of you know other popular tracking system like Bugzilla, GNATS, und many many others. Personally I like JIRA last but not least because i worked many years with it and I'm impressed of a simplicity of the work flow and the realisation of the concepts around it.

However this is not one post which should bring JIRA near to you. But if you know that you need it, now is best time to get it, because Atlassian started their "Get Startet" Price, which now allows you to by full functional JIRA for 10$ for ever even with one year support. All you need is a little bit of free CPU time, root access, 10$ and if you buy it outside of USA, you will need a credit card.

I installed it  for my private purposes and it works fine! I just followed Atlassian documentation (Read it carefully). Maybe, the easiest way is to install the "all in one" solution which comes with Apache Tomcat. I choosed that one. But don't forget to switch to serious database before you start really using it. Take MySQL for example like I did.

I will not provide here step by step how to do it, because Simon has already described some of the important configurations moments as he heard about new pricing :) and as already mentioned the Atlassian installation guide is good and really answered all my questions.

Nevertheless feel free to ask questions here, about installation and configuration to.

Also i would like to discuss other Atlassian developer tools which also available for 10$. Is here outside someone experienced in bamboo?