WPopularity progress

Hello friends, I'm pleasure to report progress in development of wPopularity plug-in. Yesterday I took some time just for me and wPopularity. After hours of bootstrap debugging (change, ftp upload, look ofr changes) of wPopularity I finally understood why activation problems occurred. Also I refactored the plugin. But i'm still not at the and. The next released version is at least 1.0.0. I do not plan to test it on Wordpress version below 2.5. Furthermore I took a dessision to be independet of Alex King Populatiry Contest Plugin, therefore my next Plugin version will use own DB tables. As you maybe noitice my Popular List has changed, that is because of using new tables which means drop of old popularity statistic Finaly, i consider to maintan all of my Worpdpress and similar stuff includig wPopularity on other Blog with some friend of my. Of cause I tell you about it, when it's done.