I noticed that my last post was a 101 post on this blog which is a good occasion to do some self-evaluation.

I started to write here in January 2007 it’s nearly 4 years ago. You see I’m not a very productive blogger. Nevertheless, I wrote some interesting things which have attracted some people or comments.

I’ve learned pretty much and I tried different themes. I think in the future I will write more and more technical stuff. So e.g. Java comes too short so far also web technologies were not covered while I have to do with them relatively often.

User statistic

My blog has humble user statistics. This is explainable. My blog has a lot of spread of themes and I have suffered from the movement to a new domain a year ago.  However, the number of visitors is growing. So I had 1548 unique visitors in the last 30 days here.

A maximum of visitors per day what this site experienced was 1500 per day. I believe it was a post about JBoss installation which passes pre-selection on some link composing site. And here is map which show where you maybe comes from.

So stay with me an you’ll be able to read next hundred of mega cool post very soon. ;)

Update [2021]: If you wounder where are the 102 post if you scroll down the archive. Looking back from 2021 i don’t know. Obviously i’ve deleted some mortifying but cannot remember how many of them ;)