This is brief description of docker test on Google Compute Engine At First we need gcloud Tools.

#install google cloud SDK
$curl | bash

At this point, you should have a google account, google compute engine account with at least one project inside. You need a project ID to log in to it. Now you are able to log in and create the first VM instance in this project.

gcloud auth login
# follow command line instructions.
gcutil addinstance docker-playground --image=backports-debian-7
#This creates and starts first VM names docker-playground.

When the instance is created wait a second and you will be able to login per SSH. Use the instance name chosen above.

gcutil ssh docker-playground

Then install docker by download and run.

curl | bash  # install docker
sudo update-rc.d docker defaults  # configure docker

Then add your current user to group docker to be able to use all docker functions as “current user”.

sudo usermod -aG docker `whoami`

Restart docker service.

sudo service docker restart

I got a test amount of 1000$ for the google compute engine and therefore will do further experiments with that platform and docker.