Folder Monitr allows automatically upload of Pictures to the Flickr. This tool is very useful to me because it can work automatically in the background and therefore reduce one manual step in my picture processing. So basically i can now use only Lightroom end export my developed pictures to the “watched” folder and they will automatically upload to flickr in the background. All tags are taken and even Set can be specified by subfoldering, which is also cool..

There is just one drawback of this method. Uploaded images become automatically description, which say that that picture where uploaded by Folder Monitr (with a link) and a tag “FolderMonitr”. So I don’t like stuff like this. Unfortunately mass edit (or delete i my case) of tags and description is not so comfortable in flickr as it could be.

However I will use FolderMonitr further maybe the description and tag problem cannot outbalance the use of that tool.

P.S. If anybody knows the working way haw too upload pictures to flickr direct out of Lightroom in the version 2.0 is welcome to give me a hint :) thanks!