In this article I give a short overview of the important JSR of Java Community Process which defines and standardizes WebServices development with Java Platform.

  • JSR-175 : A Metadata Facility for the Java Programming Language. Also known as Java Annotations e.g. @Deprecated or @Override.

  • JSR-181 : Web Services Metadatata for the Java Platform. This is just a set of Annotations for using with JAX-WS WebServiceces. Think of  Annotations @WebService, @WebMethod…

  • JSR-101 : API for XML-based RPC: JAX-RPC 1.1. Definition of RCP call with SOAP Messages, Type Mapping between Java and XML.

  • JSR-109 : Implementing Enterprise Web Services Definition of Web Services based on JAX-RPC which is now accessed by JAX-WS. That early standard defined Web Services for J2EE 1.4. It enabled implementation of Web Services as Endpoints over Enterprise Session Bean’s (EJB 2 generation with awful  XML descriptors).

  • JSR 183 : Web Services Message Security APIs

  • JSR-224 : The Java API for XML-Based Web Services (JAX-WS) 2.2

    • Final Release 05.2006 (Version 2.0 JEE 5) ,Last Maintenance 12.200Verisonon (2.2 JEE 6). Current state of the art
    • Relies on its own Architecture for XML Binding JSR -222
    • Of course supports Annotations - JSR -181
    • Implementations:
  • JSR-311 : JAX-RS: Java API RESTful Web Services

    • Final Release 10.2008
    • Part of JEE 6
    • All Web Services of REST Style
    • Typical Annotations like: @Path , @GET,@PUT, @POST,@DELETE
    • Implementations:

Did I forgot something?