Today i notice five new comments on my blog that passed spam-filter and waited for approving. They all seemed to be OK. Example is:

Yes we all know about that, but you published this on 2005, now it became very famous, moreover it very difficult to handle , all keys are very different so new people couldn’t work properly, its takes too much of time to take download, xp speed is better than vista in pc but in mac vista is best it works nice and speed too, every operation will done easily. Now lots of people are using, its try to hard learning this os but after knowing all its easy only, good nice information i studied in wikipedia, thanks for your blog.*

on my deleted post About Windows Vista from Year 20051

But if you look at this post more precisely you notify that the is no point in this post. Is that possibly any question in this comment? Or maybe it gives us new information? Probably it is just emotional expression about my wonderful post about Windows Vista!?

Nothing of that. My old short post from 2005 about future features of Window Vista deserves no attention in a year 2007 anymore. It is only refraining of sentences used in original post.

And there were at least five of such comments. I have even already approved some of them days earlier, because they looked like they were written by humans. But having five in one night, made me suspicious. I started my investigation and I found and marked as spam all of them on my blog!

I filtered all comment that just refrained my sentences. In a manner if i e.g. say “Java is cool” in one sentence, the comment was containing corresponding sentence like “I found java is cool too, thank you for you great post!”.

Also the were always Link in a name of Commenting person,

Nevertheless, spammer seems to use very advanced tools! Look, I don’t think they wrote all of that comments using own hands. That to much work for spammer (Spammer don’t like much work, otherwise they would do something more useful). Also the result of the comment could be much better in poor human made case. And that comments have had the same structure.

Cause the English language has not very difficult sentence building logic, i thing that it’S fully automated generated spam. It also might possible, that spam was made by humans used an very cool tool that generates much of the work! It seems to me, we entering new Loop of anti-spam war! I wish you good day and successful battle!

P.S. Does anybody know how we can effective protect our blogs? My first intuitive solution is to restrict comments only to registered users. But it’s only the first one.

  1. Wow looking back from year 2015 it’s been 10 years ago… and i don’t know anymore about my post in 2005, in what system i did them? Plain html i think.. ↩︎