New Wordpress plug-in is born. I’ve created a new branch from the latest version of famous Popularity Contest Plugin.

While the Popularity Contest Plugin does not support widgets natively, you need to code your templates to show most popular list of post on the Sidebar. My Widgetized Popularity Contest Plugin - short W-Popularity solves that, by providing dynamically widget for it.

Here are the features of the first public version of my W-Popularity Plugin:

  • Enables Most Popular Widget
  • Configuration of several parameters
  • Compatibility to Popularity Contest Plugin Database (if Tables are already there, the plugin work on them).
  • Better performance through small improvements

I do not intend to change calculation logic in the near future, so that is stays compatible, but some other improvements. Please let me know if you desire some…

Update Dez 2015: Alex King The author of Popularity Contest Plugin for Wordpress, has passed away :(