You can imagine how angry i’m now!!! I just deactivated this peace o shit (excuse me, but there is no other name for that Yahoo Shortcut Plug-In) i the second. Cause that Plug-in deletes my whole article as I clicked on the button to check the Shortcuts. :( And this is happened to me on the same article two times today! I don’t have any backup for that, cause i write my articles on the browser and it worked fantastic so far.

Be aware of using that “great” shortcuts Plug-in. Oh what a silly shortcuts support it was, only useful stuff like “Search for Wordpress on Yahoo”-Pop-Ups. But that’s OK as long it would not have such destructive action in addition. :(

I use the first version (0.962) of Yahoo ShortCuts Plug-in with the WordPress Version 2.3.2. and that happened 2 times on one day on one nearly complete article, the big one article. I hope you do not trust this awful plug-in.

Disclaimer: I don’t wanna say that whole “Yahoo!” is like this Plug-In, i believe this is not the case.