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Yesterday i  installed Ubuntu (10) linux alongside of Windows XP (SP3) on my Lenovo Thinkpad T60 – meanwhile 4 years  Laptop. To be short  i observe only start-time of both system on the same machine in this post.

Here some hardware details:

  • Intel Core Duo (T2400 -1,83 Mghz)
  • 1 Gb RAM
  • 60 GB 5400rpm  hard drive

An here are starttimes on two Systems (in seconds):

Windows vs. Ubuntu startup times

As we see Windows takes 1 minute from OS-Selection dialog till User-login dialog, whereas Ubunto takes  only 24 sec. Ok, windows checks  “security chip” (what it exactly means and why it so good for me i don’t know)  and that takes considerable time and i’m unsure whether Ubunto do something like this, but however i can’t change it.

On a graph we see also, that for the rest of “loading work” from login till first page appears in firefox browser windows takes more time again. It takes 95 seconds whereas Ubunto need only 19!  I was clicking on browser Icon as soon it appeared and was “clickable” and waited till pre-selected starting page (google) appears.

Of cause tas is not very strict measurement so maybe I’ve lost one or two seconds somewhere, who cares if

  • Ubunto takes 24+19 =43 sec
  • Windows takes 60+95 = 155 sec

till i can use my typical day by day application. So now i can save more than a one and halfe minute of my life on every start of a system.

Respect Ubuntu, keep on going!

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  • oli-uk

    Not only does it boot faster

    It keeps booting fast – unlike windows which gets slower and slower


    You almost never need to re-boot unless you want to anyway

    Gives me enough time to post smug little messages on peoples (excellent) Blogs!

  • shuron

    I can only agree 😉
    And thank you for “excellent” 😉

  • Mateus

    Congratulations for your choise.