My last post is nearly ten days ago - unforgivable ;) Unfortunately, I have had no time or better say I had few time, much small things to do and no motivation. Yesterday I had my birthday and thank goodness, that has marked some turning point in me. So today I was more productive and a little motivated, I’ve even begun write this article down. And I’m more confident about today and the weekend.

Furthermore, I realized that I need again my small personal calendar, Google online calendar is not enough. After using it for more than 1,5 years I realize that it’s comfortable to plan long-term events with google’s online calendar, but maybe not so comfortable to plan activities for the next day or even for today.

I also noticed that it is also good to relax more often. So it is not good to drive 50 minutes to work by car. Driving car efforts brain activity. I prefer to drive fast, so driving deserves the biggest part of my attention, the other part is listening to the radio or slips ;) And that not good. It is better to travel by subway, where your brain can be used for other things like thinking about the mission of a day to be more effective, thinking about things you normally don’t’ have time to, cause you work too much or just sleep :)

So think twice and be effective, good luck!