Yesterday I tried Magento again. As I tried it last time it was a very very slow and buggy CMS. However last days I played with the brand new Version 0.9.17740 of it and I was positive surprized.

There are only few bugs remained in that late version, even if I was still able to find some of them. Furthermore Magento-people have really speed their System up, which was enormously important to my eyes. So now it seems that Magento becomes really competitive E Commerce Platform and that is just great! If the development goes so further on. None of the competing Systems will survive.

However one need much time to get familiar with Magento. That platform brings very much functionality and configuration options, so configuring Magento can become a new Profession! ;) Unfortunately Configuration Options are just sparse documented at that point, so there is bunch of try and error till one can get his first Online-Shop of dreams.

On the other side Magento has growing online Community, which is effect more worth as full documentation. :)