In my last post I’ve introduced WordPress Plugin from Livefyre. Now here is the latest version of it. The latest version seems to bring all the features I mentioned there.



  • I like new buttons
  • I like rich editing.
  • I like additional linkedIn integration
  • I do like automatical picture rendering from flickr.
  • I like new drop down menu with: “Edit profil, Admin.., logout”


  • I dislike that now is taken longer to be rendered for the first time.
  • I dislike how ugly it rendered without java script.
  • Typing @ is not working anymore!!
  • @ sign do not show twitter contacts. :(
  • “-Unfollow” simply do not work.

Unfortunately 3.52 seems not to be production ready now :( Just to many bugs.

Update 2015: I don’t use Livefyre anymore. Update 2016: I Livefyre already dead?