As you might have already noticed, i switched my commenting system to If I got it right it’s relatively new but it seems to better for my needs than well established Disqus commenting system. Disqus gained popularity in last two or three years and I tried Disqus some time ago too but didn’t like its Wordpress Plugin. Especially i haven’t liked the poor java Script implementation. Comment section could not be crawled by google (maybe it’s got better now). Livefyre promise to be SEO friendlier out of the box. Indeed Livefyre WP-Plugin renders all the comments to html, and I saw them by switching all the java-scripts off!.

Livefyre Features

Features of Livefyre:

  • SocialSync - comment sync with twitter and FB
  • Social Sign In
  • Friend Tagging - you can tag FB or twitter friends.
  • Comment Sharing
  • Comment Liking
  • Rich Text Editor
  • LinkBack - Possible to live back link on every comment you do, wherever you do it.
  • Live Listeners
  • Comment Notifiers
  • Media Embedding
  • Comment Editing
  • User Profiles

UPDATE 12.09.12 Dhara the community manager from Livefyre has pointed me to “Livefyre WP Plugin v3 (beta)” which should provide all that feature for WordePress, because now released version is still not good in “Rich Text editor” and “Media Embedding”. I will try this beta soon.

UPDATE 15.09.12 I have installed latest betta v3.52 to this, but nothing has changed to the frontend. See comments. So please feel free to comment any crap to this post, because i’m still testing livefyre.