I have to share it: I’m very happy about release of my Master Thesis written work. ;)

During writing on his topic i have learned much about Business Processes, Workflow Systems and a lot about transactions, sagas, Scopes of Control and so on. Maybe i should unveil something about it in future topics. But today it’s only about getting some of my life back after in this hard work for me!. Ok the it’s not 100% freedom in my mind until i have to code the proposed solution. But code things in java makes me fun ;)

So will have the new title soon: In German Diplom Wirtschaftsinformatiker. English equivalent must be something like: Master of Business Information Technology*.

Update march 2021: Reading to this 14 years later I have to add, that this was really hard time. I just got 27, my first son was 4 month old. I was literally balancing 24 hours in the day between work at Lufthansa, writing master thesis and my private life with wife and son. At that moment i gained my all-time-high weight (i was 10 Kg more than now) :)

Remembering that time makes me understand my mistakes. E.g. Doing to much in parallel. I’ve repeated some of them later. :(