Here is the list of Wordpress plug-ins, that i personally don’t wanna miss ony every Wordpress installation.

My Top 10 Wordpress Plug-Ins


  • Askimet should be nothing new for every blogger.
  • DoFollow. I see often that bloggers are to lazy with “nofollow” problem. “nofollow” attributes should be used wisely Read why.
  • GoogleAnalytics provides easy way to add your google analytics script for your blog. It’s in any case better to use this Plug-ing and not to hack the blog template, cause templates can be switched and therefore need to be updated one every change. With that Plug-In you just forget such issues.
  • GoogleXMLSitemapsis more that just adding a script. It generates a sitemap.xml file for your blog or even whole site. Meanwhile it is highly configurable and mighty Plug-in, that provides the needed flexibility. It is suitable for blogs with just few articles but also for blogs with many of them. And of cause it automatically ping Google Webmaster Tools site.
  • Instant Upgrade and Simple Database Backup
  • Simple Trackback Validation helps to protect your form Spammer Trackbacks.
  • Similar Posts Plug-In is not so long in use like the other in the list, but i like it already. It provides widget that contains list of similar post to the current, that allows users to find quickly more interesting stuff they look for on your page. The default configuration may be not very suitable configured for concrete needs of your blog, so i would say, every body has to play around and define what similarity criteria are important for him. E.g. one can say that similar Posts has to have not only similar words, but also be in the same category.
  • 404 Notifier, notifies you every time when something was not found on your blog. OK, it can be to much sometimes, when every time favicon.ico is not found, cause you don’t provide it. But you don’t have to send mails. You can configure such 404 to a feed. And reed it with the feed reader.
  • Share-this-Classic Plug-In enables this green Button on the bottom of every post , which contains short links to well known social communities. Normally it works like pop-up layer, but with my new template it opens new page. I have to figure out why.

Give me a hint to other cool and useful plug-Ins you didn’t found here.