How many lifetime people spend to administrate their software. Upgrading, updating, patches, bug-fixes etc. Also in case of Wordpress new versions arrive pretty often, and it’s recommended to upgrade, because several security relevant fixes or some very cool features you was long time waiting for, might be included in next release. I’m not kidding with security after my wordpress was hacked

But updating Wordpress means download, backup, copy files per FTP, creating an moving of backups. And it gets terrible, when you have to manage several sites.

But the lazy way exists too! And you need just two plug-ins, which can make you life really easier and more secure, cause you don’t need to adjourn such important tasks.

Here are Plug-Ins needed fot that:

  • DB back up Plug-in
  • Instant Upgrade Plug-In

After installing these two you can start with the upgrading of your blog.


First use backup Plug-in to secure your DB cause ever update can brake your Wordpress for several reasons. Presented Backup Plug-In is really handy. Yo can select where to save the backup file, or whether it should be send per mail.

Of cause the configuration of scheduler is possible. Furthermore the is possibility to back up all other db tables in the same Database scheme just by selecting them.


Updating with instant update Plug-In is easy too. It can be really done with one click, how promised in the caption and in the Plug-In description. There is one option to choose whether to upgrade to latest version, or some other version of your wish. And if everything went fine, you will see something like this:

“Everything went smooth. Have fun with your new WordPress version!”

Don’t forget to check your WordPress carefully after upgrading. In case of my blogs the instant upgrade with these blogs has produced no errors. I have done upgrades form 2.2 and 2.2 version to 2.3.1 no troubles so far.

In the next time I’ll tell you about other Cool Wordpress Plug-Ins.