Pligg engine stands behind of many “public voting” - social web 2.0 sites. Most prominent of such is (it’s not pligg based i guess). Today I tried out the pligg 9.8.2 beta engine, which is the current released version at the moment.

I’m impressed with pligg functions, and configuration possibilities, so I think I can use pligg in my future pet projects. But I’m not impressed with the quality of the current version. Of course, it’s a beta version, but we know other kinds of betas (e.g. google applications) that do not break with every second click. Also if you decide to install some additional plug-ins on this version, be aware, it will make the situation only worthiest.

Unfortunately, I can’t use this version productively. I hope that pligg people will soon fix existing bugs in the next betas, or even they will make us happy with very stable version 1.0.

By the way, does anybody know when pligg version 1.0 is planned to be released? I read somewhere just meaningless “hopefully soon”.

P.S. The default template of pligg looks bad too, but that is another story.