Continuing with trusted Docker images

My last post is about how to start with Docker on GCE. Yet i'm continuing with tests and moving to real life scenarios. Firstly i wanted to improve my docker base images.

After reading Michael Crosby's Dockerfile best Practises i've rebuild my basic Dockerfiles. All my Docker images are trusted nature and you can look inside and even fork them on GitHub (Don't be shy to comment if you see improvement potential). Let' me here present some of them.

Docker Java images

  • gold/java (Oracle Java, JDK or JRE)
  • There is also my openjdk Docker image1 

Docker generalist image

The above images are targeting microservices approach, where μ is taken seriously and docker container tends to have only one function (or linux process). My generalist image don't follow this paradigm strictly.

  • debianopensshsupervisord is good point to start multi-service docker container. SSH Server is included and supervisord enables simpel mangement of services inside of container.2

Third party

Reading news i found a tutum - a new docker bases cloud provider. They have several trustet and well designed too. They are ubuntu based.

I appreciate your feedback to my Dockerfiles.

  1. Deleted because Docker default image is based on jdk. Will not maintain my version

  2. Dez 2015. Decided not to maintain it anymore.. Completelly convinced by Micreservices style now.