Switching from Livefyre to DISQUS

Today ended my experiment with Livefyre comment system on this blog. Somehow it was a hype, but it not really boosted comments on my blog. Now i think there is more disadvantages than advantages to this system and it's time to change. 

I give DISQUS a try. I don't know exactly if there are hidden configuration tricks in 2014, please give me a hint if there are any tipps. I'm unsure about quality of WP- Plugin. I hope it is SEO friendly out of the box and synchronizes every comment back to my wordpress.

Here are some reasons why i don't like Livefyre any more

  • I have a feeling of loosing google rank since i've installed livefyre
  • Many users seemed not to be familiar with Livefyre
  • I't hast not prevent any spammers, event worse it attracted it.
  • DIQUS Theme looks better here.

Also Google Trends shows that DISQUS is still Favorite system.

You are welcome to test DISQUS by commenting this post.

Update, Dez 2015: Not using Wordpress anymore. But still with DISQUS.