Switched to new Theme

Hello out there,
actually I do some upgrades of my blog. Shortly i switched to livefyre (and upgraded it). And yesterday I changed the Wordpress-Theme, finally i've changed categories a bit and hope google will not go crazy ;)

The new theme is an adoption of Twitter Bootstrap Framework and you see it, because it is still in default color scheme. But i'm not designer, so i have not much ideas about prettifying such things. Important for me is that Bootstrap is relative easy to understand and that it bring good typography out of the box. And typography is essential for blogs. Further bootstrap is modern and supports all actual and even not newest browsers ans finally it supports for all kinds of modern media devices too. From now on my blog layout is well suitable for Tablets and mobile phones. Try out! ;)

Never running out of TODOs

But there are some thing to do. Did i missed something?

  • Optimise archive page layout
  • Rethinking tag cloud design. What do you think, does it looks good?
  • Rethinking footer part of the layout. Should i play with color?
  • Some ideas on Blog background?
  • Also i have to place some google AdSense adds in a way it fills native to the design and not affects readability.
  • I've started to change categories, but have to reorganize TAG'S taxonomy also. I think a have to reduce them.

Please fill free to share your ideas about this!

By the way  [intlink id="new-theme" type="post"]more than 3 years [/intlink] are past since I adopted  my last Wordpress Theme in January 2009.

New Categories

And here are new categories of my blog. In think of  categories as coarse grain taxonomy and i thing of tags fine grained.

Update Dez 2015: This is not valid any more. Only historically here.